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CBD Vape Cartridges, Pens & Starter Kits

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At Rocky Vapor we offer the most reputable CBD vape cartridges and CBD vape pens and hemp disposable pens, every brand we carry their products are backed up by independent lab testing. We have handpicked the CBD cartridges & pens that we offer from reputable brands such as CBDfx, DrDabber CBD Cartridges, Pure Spectrum CBD, OG Labs, Urth CBD, CBD Lion, Funky Farms, Ignite CBD. Lift CBD and many other CBD Brands. We offer the best selection of reputable products at the best CBD Vape Cartridges prices, guaranteed.

CBD cartridges are universally designed to fit onto any 510 threaded battery, which are highly available. These devices tend to be more discreet than the average vaping device and produce less noticeable vapor. The flavor and quality remain outstanding. As convenient as cartridges are for daily use, if you require even more convenience look towards the disposable pen selection. These pens come as an all in one unit, with a charged battery. When the liquid is depleted the entire device can be discarded. We are committed to continuing to add only the best tasting and most effective hemp derived cartridges and disposable pens available.

  • iDELTA8 Diamond – Disposable Pure Delta-8 THC Full Gram Cartridge

    The iDelta8 Diamond Pure Delta 8 Cart has the power of pure, hemp-derived Delta-8 Distillate and is for advance users only. Fasten your seatbelts while you are wisped away into the stars by the full power of this cannabinoid. There’s no CBD to save you this time as the idelta8 Silver & idelta8 Gold Cartridges had, which included CBD to balance the effects of Delta-8 THC.

    iDELTA8 Diamond Delta-8 THC Cart Details:
    • 1 Gram Delta 8 THC
    • Integrated coil for smooth pulls of vapor
    • Pure Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC Distillate Carts
    • 6 Famous Recognizable Strains to Choose From
    • For Advance Users of Delta-8 THC
    • No VG, PG, PEG, Vitamin E, MCT, or any other cutting agent
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